Car Leasing


Service Overview

If you need a car for a period of time but do not wish to commit yourself to buying one then Leasing a car from Tokyo Century Leasing is for you!
The advantage of leasing a car with us is that you get to drive your car of choice with
ustaking care of all your vehiclemaintenance and servicing needs.
All you need to do is simply enjoy the freedom of the road!

Car Leasing Features

  • One stop service for

    You would only pay the monthly rental fee, and we will arrange all administrative work for you. (insurance registration, roadside assistance & maintenance service, etc.)

  • Attractive
    Interest Rates

    Enjoy attractive Car Leasing packages that offer peace of mind against rate fluctuations.

  • Malaysia

    Coverage includes comprehensive insurance in Singapore & Malaysia as well as Personal Accident Insurance with Insurance Excess from $300.

  • Replacement Car

    Free replacement car provided during servicing and repair of the vehicle as well as in cases of accident.

Type of Maintenance Lease

Long-Term Lease

  • Wide selection of cars for you to choose from
  • Lease periods from 2 to 6 years to according to your requirements

Fleet Sale and Leaseback

  • Sell your vehicles to us and we’ll lease them back to you
  • Free up capital in your business
  • We will handle maintenance and fleet management in all aspects
  • Release your cash flow and you can put toward other projects, and simple monthly fixed costs for easy budgeting.
  • At the end of the lease, switch your vehicles to any brand of new car, improving efficiency and removing vehicle disposal worries.


  • Labor saving on administrative work Tokyo Century Group will conduct all troublesome jobs such as negotiating with dealers, choosing the best insurance policy & premium, arranging regular maintenance and roadside service instead of customers.
  • Be able to use your car in its best condition at all timesWe partner with reliable workshops for regular maintenance and periodic changes of consumable parts (i.e. tires & battery). For the regular maintenance check schedule, we will remind the customers from time to time.
  • Drive a new model every 2/3 years


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