Car Leasing


How it works

Car leasing is simple and has low risk. You choose the vehicle which suits your business and decide the lease term.
We’ll order the new vehicle and have it delivered to your office or home. At the end of the lease term,
you would just have to handover the vehicle back ‒ Hassle Free!! Car Leasing includes registration,
insurance and road tax throughout the lease period. Package also includes servicing and maintenance as well as the routinary replacement of consumable items. These are all included in the agreed monthly lease payment.

Car Leasing Service

Services Contents
Purchasing Starting from selecting dealers to purchasing
Regular Maintenance Conduct regular maintenance in accordance to manufacturer’s recommendations with regard to mileage and time interval
Change of Tires and Battery Provide replacement of tires and battery through fair wear and tear
Insurance &
Personal Accident Insurance
Comprehensive insurance coverage in Singapore & Malaysia Coverage of Personal Accident Insurance
Insurance Excess from $300
Accident In partnership with Mobile Accident Response Services (MARS) with 24/7 reporting at your convenience
24/7 Roadside Assistance Provide assistance along with Automobile Association of Singapore (AAS)
Replacement Car (Limited Countries) 24hrs free replacement car provided for servicing and during the period of repair in case of accident
Registration & Tax Fee Included throughout the lease period
Malaysia Usage Free Malaysia Usage


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