Equipment Finance

Service Overview

A program structured to support manufacturers, distributors and resellers.

Vendor Lease Program Features

  • An important rise of
    sales volume

    Possible to expand the business.

  • Securing of
    loyal customer

    Especially as far as operational leasing is concerned.

  • Various payment

    Choose the payment method that is most suitable for you depending on your case.

  • Business forecasting

    Control on the end of contracts with a view to renewal business.

Assignment of Sales Contract/Receivables Financing

  • Converting
    receivables into cash

  • Immediate recognition
    of revenue

  • Minimize credit risk
    on repayments

  • Reduced on-balance



  • Increasing sales volume by providing customized financing solutions to meet clients’ needs.
  • Shorten sales cycle.
  • Product and services bundling.
  • Focusing on sales and remain hassle-free from billing/collections administration.
  • Minimizing credit risk exposure.
  • Improved cash flow and working capital.
  • Remain constantly updated on customer’s new investment requirements.
  • Establishing a secondary market for your products/equipment.


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