Volunteer Work at Pulau Ubin, Butterfly Hill

Butterfly hill has over 50 plant species and attracts over 80 species of butterflies. It is also home to the rare Dwarf Crow butterfly, which was presumed to be extinct in Singapore until its rediscovery in 2002 at Pulau Ubin. The site is about 5-10 mins walk from the jetty.

Tokyo Century Leasing (S) Pte Ltd organised volunteer work at Nation Parks with the maintenance of Butterfly hill as part of our CSR activity to contribute back to the society. 

On 28th September 2019, a total of 36 staff/volunteers of Tokyo Century Leasing (S) Pte Ltd have been tasked to weed out invasive plant species that harm and makes landscape look unsightly.

Tokyo Century Leasing (S) Pte Ltd is engaged in Singapore-based businesses, including automobile financing and others. Our company will continue contributing to the society through its CSR activities into the future.